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Making cash transactions smarter

Cash customers have too many hoops to jump through for conducting basic transactions like sending money & paying bills. Similarly, merchants want easier solutions for helping their cash customers. At Maya we believe financial services should be as easy as clicking a few buttons. So that’s what we built.

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The maya difference

Our solution is simple: by using our smart self-service ATM’s and our mobile APP we make EVERY financial service easier & simpler. Send money, top-up a phone, pay a bill….all by clicking a few buttons. The more you use a Maya ATM kiosk, the easier & faster it gets.

What makes us better?

Private, safe & secure money transfer - deposit and send right from our kiosk. The REAL and competi­tive exchange rate for each pay-out netw­ork. Saving you time shopping the best rates.  International money transfer to more than 170 countries. Like handing someone cash through a machine. Soon, transact Face to Face via our kiosk cameras. Customers will be able to see their family receive money instantly! Other financial transactions coming soon.

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Maya Mobile Companion App

The Maya Mobile Companion Application allows customers to:

  • View transaction history
  • Prepare bill payments in advance
  • Buy, Send & Redeem Gift Cards
  • NFC “tap & pay” for fast and easy money transfer & bill payment
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Services we offer

Sending money, paying a bill, topping a phone….all 3 transactions can take less than 2 minutes. No waiting in lines. No filling out paperwork.


Maya Kiosks offer everything you expect from a high performing and reliable ATM ! EMV compliant and certified with industry leading processors Columbus Data & Switch Commerce serving over 115,000 ATMS daily.

Money transfer

Our global payout networks serves 120+ countries with 200,000+ points of payment. Customers can send money to almost every bank and cash pickup location in the world.

Bill payment

Making cash payments are simple. Customers can electronically pay ANY bill to ANY qualified US company on our network. That includes Utility Payments, Car Payments, Credit Card Payment, Local Creditors, Medical Professionals, and more.

Mobile top up

Topping up your airtime or that of a loved one has never been easier. We work with 550+ operators, 135+ countries and reach 4.5 billion mobile phones.

Check cashing

Coming soon, Maya customers can cash their checks. Approved checks are cashed in minutes. Customer can use the cash to pay their bills on the spot.

Gift card

Buy, spend or give gift cards from more than 200 of the world’s leading brands

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Notable Products & Services

Here are just a few of the financial services partners we work with and support today.

Want to partner with us or have a recommendation for a service provider you’d like to see added? Let us know!

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