The Most Advanced Self-Service Check Cashing ATM

Check Cashing, Money Transfer, Bill Payment, Mobile Reload, ATM and more.  No cashiers needed!
  • Retailer
  • Casher / MSB
  • ATM Operator

Are You a Check Casher / Money Transmitter

Can’t find cashiers? Hourly wages going up? Just like the self-checkouts at grocery stores, Maya’s Smart ATM can help you reduce your overhead. You can also set up a new location inside a retail store with our Smart ATM.  All we need is four sq. ft. of space.

  • No Cashiers Needed
  • New Location in a Day
  • Reduce Long Line
  • Private Label

Are You a Grocery Store?

Maya’s Smart ATM will increase your foot traffic. All you need to provide is four square feet of space, internet connection, and electricity. Watch the following video and find out how we bring new customers to your store!


Our Partners

Maya brings our partner’s products and services to our Smart ATM platform.

This is similar to your smart phone running apps from third party providers. Below is a select list of partners that Maya is integrated with. Please contact us if you would like become our partner and run your product on our platform.

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